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Registration for the 2022 Houston Half Marathon & 10K is now open.

Event FAQs

How do I edit my registration?

Find out more here.

How do I check if I’m already registered?

IF you registered directly through the Houston Half website

Option 1: Click here to go straight to the “Confirm Registration” page, or

Option 2: From the main website here, click the “register” button. This action opens the “Race Roster registration page for the race”. Look for the “Confirm Registration” link. See figure 1 for the mobile view and figure 2 for the desktop view, or

Option 3: You can log into your Race Roster account, click “My Homepage” under your profile menu, then select the “Registrations” tab to find your 2021 Houston Half & 10K registration if one is already on file

Figure 1 – Look for “Confirm Registration” Link via Mobile View


Figure 2 – Look for “Confirm Registration” Link via Desktop View

Handcycle: How do I register for the handcycle division?

To register, follow this registration link and select the Handcycle Houston Half Marathon subevent.

How can I make a claim on my event insurance?

If you selected to pay for the event insurance option during registration, you will need to follow up directly with the insurance company providing that benefit.  The Houston Half Marathon & 10K does not manage claims.

Terms and conditions/contact information for the policy can be found through the following links:

What is the age limit for Half & 10K?

Age limits are based on parental discretion, meaning both the minor(s) in question have chosen to complete the activity and the parent or guardian consents to stay with the child the entire time while on the course. We have therefore set age limits on the registration site to ensure parental consent is provided before entering minors into either event. If you experience any difficulty with registering a minor for the course, please reach out to the Houston Half & 10K Help Desk at