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The clock in the video is the 10K time.

Event FAQs

Bib Number, Coral Assignment & Packet Pickup Instructions Not Received

Bib Numbers, Coral Assignments & Packet Pickup Instructions will be sent out twice, on Wednesday 10/19 and Wednesday 10/26.  We know some people have not received the 10/19 email and we have asked the timing vendor to review their system to make sure it works properly.  It would be helpful if you would also review your junk and spam folders to make sure it is not being buried there.     The next email is due 10/26.  If not received then, please check your spam and junk folders.  If it is still not found, you can login to your RaceRoster account and send yourself a confirmation email.     If you are still not able to obtain the confirmation needed for packet pickup, let us know at support@houstonstriders.zendesk.com and we will investigate.    

Packet Pickup for Others

Members of the same household with the same last name may pick up for each other.  Please bring the registration confirmations.

If you are picking up for others, ask whoever you are picking up for to print out the confirmation and write “I authorize – name – to pick up my packet for me” and sign and date it.  Bring the signed confirmations to packet pickup.  For family members, this is not needed.

An electronic version of the confirmation is acceptable.  If you have another persons confirmation email, we assume you have it because that person has asked you to pick up their packet.

Participant Tracking App / Race Results

All registered participants in the Houston Half & 10K can sign up for a tracking app which gives their friends and family the ability to monitor them while they are on the course.  They can also view their results and other runners on the course.


Here’s a link to the app:   https://track.rtrt.me/e/RRS-HOUSTONHALF-2022#/tracker


Details will be sent to registered participants Tuesday evening, October 25, 2022.


Pacers are available for the following times and paces:

1:30 6:52
1:35 7:15
1:40 7:38
1:45 8:00
1:50 8:23
1:55 8:46
2:00 9:09
2:10 9:55
2:20 10:41
2:30 11:27
2:40 12:12
2:50 12:58
3:00 13:44
3:30 16:01


Houston has extensive parking in the downtown area.  Sam Houston Park, our home base for the race, is on the western edge of down town.  There are numerous surface parking lots and garages most of which generally charge a fee for parking.  Bring small bills with you if this is your parking choice.  Here is a link to an interactive map of parking facilities:

Select Sam Houston Park in the top left corner for the areas closest to the race.

On-street, metered parking is available during the day on most downtown streets. Meters are FREE all day Sunday. DO NOT park in valet zones or commercial zones (marked with red meters or red striping on the street). Please always read the signs before you park!

Arrive early is always good advice as the parking closest to the race fills up early.  Street closures in preparation for the race may also complicate reaching the downtown area.


Where & When is Packet Pickup?

Packet pickup is at Karbach Brewing Co.  The address is 2032 Karbach St, Houston, TX 77092.

Friday, October 28, 2022 10am-6pm
Saturday, October 29, 2022 11am-5pm

There will be NO packet pick-up on race day.

Participants may have friends or family members pick up a packet for them. Simply forward them a copy of the bib assignment email or registration confirmation email so they can correctly identify the participant name, event, and date of birth on file for look-up purposes.

Participants will receive confirmation via email in advance of the packet pickup dates.  Participants will also be asked to select a time frame for pickup.

How do I change my email address?

Deferral Code Lost or Expired

If you had a valid deferral code from last year and lost it or failed to sign up before it expired, we’ll renew it once for one week.

Are discount codes still available?

If you are an individual runner, contact your running club or charity to see if they have a code.

If you are a representative of a running club or charity we may be able to provide you with a discount code. We will need some information on your club, number of members, expected participation in the race, and a rough profile. please contact us

Is there a virtual option(s) for the half marathon and the 10K this year?

No, we are not offering virtual races this year.

I was not able to run last year. Am I automatically deferred?

Deferrals are not automatic. You must have logged into the registration system and selected the option to defer your registration to 2022.

I missed an email with the deferral code and when I tried to use it I realized it had expired. Is there any way to get a new code.

Please reply back with the original discount code and I’ll extend it for another week for you

Can I defer to next year?

Unfortunately, we do not have a deferral option available this year. We are encouraging runners who can not run the half to either downgrade to the 10K or transfer their half registration to another person.

How can I change my event from 10k to the half marathon? (Or, the other way)

In order to transfer your registration, you must first login to your account.  Here’s a link:


Click on the Transfer button on the far right.  It will open up a login dialog.  Enter your email address and password.

When you are logged into your account, you will see Transfer buttons on the left and the right.  Both go to the same place.  Click on one or the other.  When you do, you will see a box to “Transfer your registration” with an option to transfer to a new sub-event or to a new participant.  We have two “sub-events” – the half and the 10K.

  1. To transfer to a new sub-event, you will be prompted to select the new sub-event and then to start the transfer. From there you will be asked to fill out the form and proceed with the new registration as normal. The price you paid for the old sub-event will appear as a credit on the registration.
  2. To transfer to a new participant, you will be prompted to enter the email of the new participant. Once you initiate this transfer, the new participant will receive an email with a link to complete the transfer.


What is the reason for the no stroller policy?

We are a Road Runners of America Club (RRCA) with our races and other activities insured by them. To quote from their “Baby Stroller Guidelines for Events”, “The RRCA strongly recommends against the use of baby strollers/joggers by participants in road races” and “The inclusion of strollers in races increases the potential for injury to race participants and children. ”

We recognize that their guidelines leave race directors with some latitude depending on the particular race. For the Houston Half-Marathon and 10K, it would be difficult for strollers to navigate the course, and pre- and post-race areas. These areas are gated and the sidewalks narrow with runners tightly packed together. As organizers of the race, we do not see any configuration that would safely allow strollers to participate in the race.

How do I edit my registration?

Find out more here.

How do I check if I’m already registered?

IF you registered directly through the Houston Half website

Option 1: Click here to go straight to the “Confirm Registration” page, or

Option 2: From the main website here, click the “register” button. This action opens the “Race Roster registration page for the race”. Look for the “Confirm Registration” link. See figure 1 for the mobile view and figure 2 for the desktop view, or

Option 3: You can log into your Race Roster account, click “My Homepage” under your profile menu, then select the “Registrations” tab to find your 2022 Houston Half & 10K registration if one is already on file

Figure 1 – Look for “Confirm Registration” Link via Mobile View


Figure 2 – Look for “Confirm Registration” Link via Desktop View

Handcycle: How do I register for the handcycle division?

You will need an access code to register.  please contact us first. Then to register, follow this registration link and select the Handcycle Houston Half Marathon subevent.

Handcycle: Are there any rules that apply to handcycle athletes?

  • All wheelers must wear a hard shelled helmet at all times while on the race course.
  • No drafting, tailgating, or otherwise unsportsmanlike behavior will be allowed
  • Please always be cognizant of foot runners around you. Maintain control of your chair, especially when going downhill and especially in crowds. Reckless behavior can get you and others hurt.

What is the age limit for Half & 10K?

Age limits are based on parental discretion, meaning both the minor(s) in question have chosen to complete the activity and the parent or guardian supervises the child the entire time while on the course. We have therefore set age limits on the registration site to ensure parental consent is provided before entering minors into either event. If you experience any difficulty with registering a minor for the course, please reach out to the Houston Half & 10K Help Desk at info@houstonhalf.com.

How do I register if I deferred in 2021?

All deferred participants from 2021 received a registration code by email during March 2022. If you officially deferred last year and did not receive your code by email, please contact us.

Is the course certified?

Yes, both the Houston Half and the Houston 10K are USATF Certified Courses and were most recently measured in 2021.

Houston 10K: USATF Certified Course TX19014JH
Houston Half Marathon: USATF Certified Course TX19012JH

Sections of the course that are affected by construction on Memorial Drive (tunnels) will be recertified prior to the race.

Will the race be held if it’s raining?

The Houston Half Marathon & 10K  is a “rain or shine” event.

However, if weather conditions threaten the safety of participants, the race would be cancelled without refund as a portion of all proceeds benefit Memorial Park Conservancy and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department as well as numerous other area nonprofits.

Will there be video of the finish line?

Yes! RunFAR Event Timing will have cameras recording the finish line area. Your personal finish line video will be viewable through a link on your race results page the week following the race.

Where can I get my race photos?

Race photos will be captured by Capstone Photography with FREE photo downloads for all participants.

If you would like to obtain your free race photos after the event, please make sure you wear your bib on the front of your body so the photographer can easily identify you in the gallery.

Are dogs, baby joggers/strollers, or rollerblades allowed on the course?

No dogs, strollers (of any kind), skates, skateboards, or bicycles* are allowed on the course.
*Race officials and medical staff may use bicycles to monitor the course.

Is there a time limit for finishing?

The Houston Half Marathon & 10K course closes at 11 am. Roads will be reopened to traffic in a staged manner after race start based on a 4 hour finish timeline.

Participants will be assigned to corrals to help with race flow at the start of the event.  Later corrals will cross the starting some period of time after the official event start, which can impact how much time those individuals have to finish.

Runners/walkers still on the course when roads are about to reopen will be either be picked up and transported to the finish line or offered the opportunity to finish using pedestrian sidewalks along the course rather than the roadways.  Please note: this could apply to half marathoners with a pace of over 17 mins/mile or 10k participants with a pace of over 30 mins/mile depending on when they cross the starting line.

How do I get a copy of my registration receipt?

You can send yourself a copy of your registration receipt using the Race Roster functionality after logging into your account.

Simply follow the instructions provided here.


Can I switch events, transfer my bib, or defer my registration?

Upgrade from 10k to half marathon distance
Please click here. Click the Transfer link on the top left (desktop display) or from the drop-down menu on top of the page (mobile display). Choose Transfer to a new sub-event, and follow the instructions to switch your event. The upgrade comes with a $15 fee + difference in event cost. The deadline for upgrades is October 16, 2022.

Downgrade from half marathon to 10k distance
Please click here. Click the Transfer link on the top left (desktop display) or from the drop-down menu on top of the page (mobile display). Choose Transfer to a new sub-event, and follow the instructions to switch your event. The upgrade comes with a $15 fee. The deadline for upgrades is October 16, 2022.

Transfer registration to another person
Please click here. Click the Transfer link on the top left (desktop display) or from the drop-down menu on top of the page (mobile display). Choose Transfer to a new participant, and follow the instructions to initiate the transfer. The transfer comes with a $15 fee. The deadline for upgrades is October 16, 2022.

No refunds will be issued
This is a rain or shine event and a portion of all proceeds benefit Memorial Park Conservancy and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department as well as numerous other area non-profits.

Can I get a refund if I cannot participate?

No refunds will be issued

This is a rain or shine event and a portion of all proceeds benefit Memorial Park Conservancy and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department as well as numerous other area nonprofits.

Options available to those who cannot participate:

1. Transfer your bib to someone else (see relevant FAQ item) by October 16, 2022

2. Convert registration fee as a tax deductible charitable donation to the organizing 501(c)(3). Contact info@houstonhalf.com for more information on this choice.

Please note: all donors must be removed from the participant list and must not claim a bib, shirt, or medal to meet the requirements of a charitable donation. If a donation is requested after packet pick-up begins, the assigned bib must be collected by race registration coordinator before the donation will be accepted. Requests for charitable donations will not be accepted on or after race day.

If you have any questions that are not answered by the FAQs, please contact us