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Team WithMyWoes

Team WithMyWoes
From Pedro Cerna

The purpose for the creation of team #withmywoes was to unite several close friends who live HUNDREDS of miles apart. The founding members, consisting of Glenda, Daniel, Afrah, and Pedro, hail from far as distant lands such as Denver and Dallas, and the not-so-far Houston. We all needed yet another awesome and fantastic reason to hang out and do something that didn’t include drinking or eating, and that would surely turn out to be a unique experience. Turns out, the Houston Half Marathon was the most logical and obvious choice!

Aside from that, we wanted to be a prime example to the world on the “Power of Friendship”….
*shooting stars dart across the night sky*
But seriously, we all believe in taking action, and we all try our best to ensure that our lives are not ruled by excuses. If four friends who live in separate cities can come together and run a half marathon, anyone can. 🙂 That notion, along with the fact that we want our lives to be anything but mundane or routine, keep us driven as we prepare and train for this amazing challenge!

Some of the founding members of #withmywoes have previous experience participating in half marathons, whereas other members will be considered “newbies”. Since the inception of the team, #withmywoes has grown in size and skill… and that, is just simply beautiful. That being said, this event will likely be something that all the members of #withmywoes remember for the rest of their days. AND, any event that creates a lasting impression such as that, much like the Houston Half Marathon, is definitely worth enduring whatever trials and tribulations that it may bring.