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Registration for the 2021 Houston Half Marathon & 10K begins Monday, March 15.

Team Lynn

Team Lynn
From Lynn Furman

I love the HHM. My husband, Robert and I have run it almost every year. It’s had many course changes and we’ve run them all. It’s a great way to prepare for the Houston Marathon and the Aramco Half Marathon.

The Houston Striders do a fantastic job of directing and managing this race and the money they raise goes right back to promote running and fitness in our local communities.

For the last several years Robert and I have run on the Texas Beef Team. We like representing the cattle ranchers across this great state of ours who work hard to feed the world. We have learned so much about how to fuel our runs with lean beef which gives us what we need to run farther, last longer and recover faster. ( stop by the Beef Team Tent before or after the race to receive information on our free protein challenge or go to :

I want you to know that I am no
longer a runner ( Robert still is!). I WALK! I had double hip replacement about 9 years ago and was advised not to run. The transition from runner of a 3:20 marathon to walker of 6 + hours was difficult with the artificial hips but I kept at it. Since I’ve done plenty of marathons and many other races. As of this year I think I’ll probably just stick to the half. I tell you this because you may have thoughts that you’re too old ( not true ) or that you have some physical issue that makes it out of the question( probably also not true). I don’t think I’ve ever met a runner or walker that doesn’t have SOMETHING to over come. And you’re not different from them. We ALL have something. Just don’t let your something stop you. We inspire each other and we are amazing!

And even though I walk I still participate and love it. You can too! Have no fear!
I make new friends ( the best part), I have lots of fun and I keep going ( which is so important for all of us). Oh and I think it keeps me young, at least in my thankful heart.

Please join Robert and I, and the Texas Beef Team, and the Houston Striders and all my many running and walking friends in the Houston Half Marathon. Sign up today! (There are several distances to chose from) Don’t even think about it and come say hi to me.