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Team David

Team David
From David Morton

In November 2016, I started changing my entire life. At the time, I weighed 192 pounds, far too heavy for my 5’6″ frame. I realized that if I continued this direction, I wouldn’t be around long enough to see my grandkids one day. I was doing myself a disservice, and doing my wife and kids a disservice by being sedentary, lazy, and eating far too much. So I started recording my weight daily, and began eating only when I was hungry. The weight started to come off.

In February of 2017, I decided that I needed to start running more consistently if I was going to make this lifestyle change last. Starting with 2 miles, twice a week, I (very) conservatively increased my mileage with a goal of running 3 miles, thrice a week. After 2-3 months, I reached my goal, and then I reached out to Katie Rutherford, a friend of mine, and she became my running coach. Last week, I ran 20 miles, and in the last 3 months, I’ve broken every running PR that I’ve ever had.

At this point, I’ve lost 42 pounds. My lifestyle change has affected almost every part of my life. I’m happier, and have far more energy than I used to. Now when work is done, I play with my kids instead of laying on the couch exhausted. I look better, having reduced my waist size from 38 inches to just under 30. People would probably call me a “small guy” now, and frankly, that’s a badge of honor. I also talk far too much about running. I can’t help it. I love it.

In January, I’ll be running my first half-marathon, and this October, I’ll be taking part in the Houston Half 10K, which will be my first 10K ever. I couldn’t be more excited. I’m just thankful that God gave me the legs and the ability to do this, and I look forward to seeing what will happen in the future.