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Team Connor

Team Connor
From Connor Hyde

Running brings me serenity and reason. I am a former collegiate athlete who found running as an addiction to replace other addictions. As a journalist, I became inundated in late-night deadlines, which fostered excessive drinking with colleagues and chain smoking cigarettes. I gained more than 100 pounds within two years as repercussion, weighing in at 345 pounds in April 2015. My running adventure began nearly six months after I quit smoking, reeled in my drinking habit and avoided drive-thru lanes after work. My wife coaxed me into exploring various cardiovascular exercises to supplement my weight-training regiment, and I was addicted to the post-run runner’s high euphoria. I built my tolerance to comfortably run three miles by January 2016 when I blindly dedicated to the 2016 Houston Half Marathon. I lost 150 pounds in a span of 10 months training for the event, and finished the race under two hours. I completed the Sugar Land Half Marathon and the Seabrook Half Marathon in January and March, respectively. This year I broadened my goal to complete my first marathon at the Chevron Houston Marathon, using this year’s Houston Half as a pace race. Running fuels my competitive disposition and has served as a gateway to develop a healthy lifestyle.